The veteran Chinese medicine summarizes 15 kinds of longevity health care and health preservation techniques (collect them as soon as possible)

First, radical treatment of congenital origin 1. YAsian Massage Vegasongquan point is the source of the kidney meridian. To lead blood to your feet is to lead it to Yongquan Point, which calls it the source of blood. ItAsian Massage Upland does not age easily. Massage Yongquan Point thoroughly and the whole kidney meridian will be thoroughly opened. Kidney is the foundation of human beAsian Massage Lake Forestings. Kidney tonifying is a task that needs to be completed in a lifetime. It is better to wipe Yongquan Point by hand after soaking feet with warm water. 2. Taixi Point is the first tonic for human body. Taixi acupoint can stimulate the motive force of human body. It can not only invigorate kidney-yin, but also invigorate kidney-yang. If theAsian Massage Bloomington power stimulated by pressing and kneading Taixi Point is stored in Yongquan Point, people’s health will have a foundation. To make up for the cAsian Massage Salinasongenital foundation, we must start at Taixi Point. 3. Fuliu Point is a lever medicine to regulate the kidney meridian. The effect of Fuyao Point is tonifying kidney and nourishing yin, promoting water retention and detumescence. To improve the whole kidney function and relieve all kinds of symptoms caused by renal dysfunction, when something is blocked and tonifying the kidney can not be done, it is necessary to first massage Fuyu points and then massage Taixi points, and then bring Qi and blood in to lay a good foundation. Secondly, nourishing the acquired spleen and stomach is the acquired foundation of human beings. If the stomach channel is unblocked, it can not only make people sleep soundly, have a good appetite, but also make people return to their old age and childhood. The function of Zusanli Point is very powerful, which can not only improve the constitution, but also cure the root cause. Anyone who knows a little about health preservation knows that it is a longevity cave. If you want to build up your physique, or if you are sick and don’t know how to do it, then press the foot three miles and it will work absolutely. Zusanli Point is the largest point in the human body. Sticking to massage or moxibustion at Zusanli Point can dispel diseases and strengthen the body without diseases. It has many advantages. 3. Removal of toxins in the body 1 and Zusanli points is a health-care point, but only when the dirty things are discharged can they be filled. 2. Taichong Point can remove garbage from the body. Because the liver is the detoxification factory of the human body. The original point of the liver, Taichong, can remove the poison from the source. Many chronic diseases occur in the liver. Only if the detoxification factory of liver is well managed, can people not get sick. How to knead Taichong? Cut your nails flat and pinch them in to find the pain. Transfer it to the interline point. Inter-line is sparking, once the spark reaches the inter-line, it is basically sent out. (Note: When kneading, it should be done from too strong to between the rows. Don’t rub it upside down.) 2. The crus detoxification method puts the left leg on the right thigh, and then separates the right hand (better with both hands) thumb from the other four fingers on the left leg. The thumb is inside and the other four fingers are outside, and rubs from the foot three miles to the lace (near Jiexi Point) 30 times a day. Then change the side and rub the right leg with the left hand. The four-finger rubbing point is the stomach meridian, the thumb rubbing point is the liver meridian and the lung meridian, which is beneficial to eliminate the toxicity of the meridians. 4. Pushing the belly (pushing the abdomen method) All chronic diseases can find blocking points in the abdomen, or lumps, or through points, or sinks, or gassy. Push it away, rub it loose, and the chronic diseases will disappear. How to push? Push the belly down with your fingers (or palms, fists) from the heart socket. Pushing the belly is to eliminate the body “three turbid (turbid gas, turbid water, stool)”. Every morning and evening, 100 times. It can also be pushed when you are free. Fifth, kneading “ground tendons” and “liver main tendons”. Tendons are the ligaments and tendons of the human body. Many illnesses can be cured from tendons if the cause is not clear. “Heaven tendons hide in the eyes, and earth tendons hide in the feet”. Face the soles of your feet to yourself and turn your toes up, a hard rib will emerge from the soles of your feet. Usually people with liver disease, the more violent the temper, the harder the tendon. The problem of liver is the core of human body. The function of liver is strengthened, the function of detoxification, digestion and hematopoiesis will be improved significantly. The ground tendons run along the liver meridian. Liver can be repaired by regulating tendons, which is a shortcut to the liver meridian. As long as we regularly regulate the tendons, our strength will come from the source. 6. Knocking on the pulse and tapping on the pulse is a good prescription for constipation and gynecological diseases. It can quickly lose weight and effectively cosmetologize. Belt pulse is one of the eight odd meridians. The other meridians are going up and down. Only the belt pulse encircles the waist and is transverse. It has the function of “total bundle of various veins”. The method of tapping is very simple: lying flat in bed, holding empty fists with both hands, tapping your left and right waists, more than 100 times a day. This method can relieve constipation, soothe liver stagnation, eliminate blood stasis and heat accumulation, and treat various hernia. 7. Dantian Dantian is divided into upper, middle and lower Dantian. What we’re going to hit is Xiadan, which is three inches below the umbilical cord. But what we hit is not a point, but a face, the palm of the upper and lower navel. The method of collision is: legs are separated and shoulder width is equal. Stand in front of the tree (doorframe, pole), stomach 15 centimeters away, with stomach to bump. Beginning strength must be light, it is best to wear sports pants, to relax the whole body, do not suffocate, do not tighten muscles, you can close your eyes, breathe naturally leisurely. Dantian is the starting point of the human body, colliding with Dantian will help you find the energy Bank of the human body, so that you can collide with courage and confidence. This method is better than the belly pushing method. Eighth, restoring yang to lie in the kidney is equivalent to the true fire of the life gate. The key to the vitality is whether the Yang of the life gate is sufficient. The purpose of restoring Yang lies in order to help the kidney to be full of Yang Qi. The function of tonifying kidney is very obvious. The concrete methods of restoring Yang lie down naturally, hip joint relaxation, legs like rings, feet opposite, feet behind the feet.

How does a light face look natural?

The public name of Goddess Evolutionism is GoddessAsian Massage Moreno Valley Evolutionism. After paying attention to it, 66 people agreed that IU’s face is a typical Asian face. Its facial features are light, but Asian Massage Chula Vistait looks good together. So today I teach you to draw an IU makeup to save the girl with a light face. We should first analyze the makeup feAsian Massage Napaatures of IU in the play. It is said that she has changed more than 60 sets of clothes in the Druna Hotel, but her makeup as a matching has not changed substantially. It’s true that it’s a changeable makeup. The makeup features of IU’s “De Luna Hotel” show: the basic Han style flat eyebrow, the painting is not meticulous, the left and right areAsian Massage Stockton also asymmetrical, with rough natural feeling; the earth color is eyeshadow, the structure is single, the lower end of the eye is drooping anAsian Massage Modestod elongated, the outer halo is dyed, slightly smoked, the eyeliner is not fine at the end, and has a halo overstain; the warm tone silkworm, the eye head shines brightly; the cheek is bright. Round, large area; enhanced brightening in the middle of the face, so that the face looks more full and round; hairline shaping, nasal shadow painting is wider; lip makeup upper and lower wide, left and right narrow, high color saturation. It is clear from the analysis that this make-up is to draw people in the direction of “nature, temperament and affinity”. And the makeup itself is not strong, so it is even more versatile. Work-school commuter sisters, this make-up is very suitable for everyone. Specific painting bottom makeup can be clearly seen from the stills, IU bottom makeup is more glossy. This is also the common style of Korean bottom makeup, with a delicate luster of water, this luster will make the skin look tender, very aging effect. We don’t need to paint this kind of makeup in our daily life. On the one hand, this kind of makeup will not be very good, on the other hand, because the whole face will be bright and swelling, showing a big face. How can I draw more practically? The original picture of Goddess evolution theory is strictly forbidden to reprint 1.. First use the good foundation liquid with good makeup to evenly smear the whole face. 2. then use the glossy base fluid or Concealer product with a lighter color to stack the T area, the part of the apple muscle and chin at the moment. 3. friends with sunken sunken problems can also use light colored foundation in the depressed area to modify the problem of depression. 4. easy to take off makeup oil skin friends, then spray a layer of makeup spray after the makeup. The bottom makeup painted in this way not only has strong makeup and luster, but also makes the facial lines look fuller and more mellow. Eyebrow IU’s eyebrow painting is really wonderful, very in line with her own natural sweet temperament. Although it seems to be a typical natural version of Korean eyebrows, the details have been subtly adjusted. This time, her eyebrows were hairy flu. The eyebrows were round and not sharp. The eyebrows were wide and longer than the normal eyebrows. There is also a very clever place in her eyebrow tail, not the slender end of the general eyebrow, but a more rounded and loose painting. Such eyebrows are not delicate, slender, nor too many women’s charm, but will make people look very fresh and natural. IU’s eyebrow measurement is no use in my life. I can only draw by hand. The original picture of Goddess Evolutionism is strictly forbidden to reproduce. 1. Draw a background shape with grey-brown eyebrow powder first; 2. Deepen the middle part of eyebrow bottom line (white dotted line part) with eyebrow pencil locally, and draw a small amount of eyebrow flow in the eyebrow part; 3. Then use eyebrow brush to lightly dizzy the edge of eyebrow to make the eyebrow look more natural and layered. Secondary sense. Eye makeup IU This model of eye makeup I hope everyone carefully learn, this eye makeup is very everyday, very clever, very worthy of learning. IU’s eye makeup overall structure is more drooping, daily use or suggest that we do not droop so exaggerated, otherwise it is easy to look listless, after all, we are not as watery as IU’s big eyes right. 1. the upper Eyeshadow is very light, with only a large area of matte and cinnamon in the upper eyelid. The 2. Eyeliner must start from the eye, so that it can make the eyes look deeper and the eye tail is slightly drooping. 3. the dark brown eye shadow is dyed to the edge of the eye liner just painted, so that the eye line boundary becomes blurred, and the sharpness is reduced; 4. Use a brown eyeliner to draw a lower eye line, then use a clean eye shadow brush or cotton stick to stain the color to a more shallow and more natural; 5., expand the small triangle area under the tail, make a natural elongated eye feeling; 6. eyes brighten up, warm champagne eye shadow to draw the sleeping silkworm. The whole eye makeup focuses on emphasizing the deep clarity of the eyes and weakening aggression. Blush IU makeup blush area is relatively large, the shape of round, dizzy dye is very natural. Actually blush painting is not the key. Color is the key. Do not use products with high color saturation. It will be very natural if the area is large and the color is too prominent. The following products I have used are not easy to make mistakes in daily life, and many of them have been recommended before. Let’s review them again this time. The naked apricot coloured apricot blush can match the nude color and the brown color of lipstick, making it easier to shape the natural female temperament. It has little effect on the skin color of the skin, and it is not very colorful, so it is not critical of the skin color, yellow skin and white skin can be used. Nude orange is widely used. It can be used with pumpkin color, dirty orange color, positive red color, orange sparkling lip honey and so on. Basically, warm color cosmetics can use this color. The naked pink is generally cold pink with a bland blush. This color can make Ben.

What do your family or relatives think of your makeup?

349 anonymous users agreed with the answer. Xiao tAsian Massage Modestoransparent has received the most approval and comment ever. Thank you all for saying in the comment that my family loves my parents very much and tAsian Massage Stocktonhat my parents are really optimistic and enlightened that my mother is engaged in beauty work. So my parents and my parents are very happy about gAsian Massage Vegasirls. My grandparents are also very willing to accept new things. They bought a computer for themselves in the Spring Festival. They said they wanted to catch up with the play this summer and found that grandma was watching the white-haired Princess (as if I hadn’t seen the name) when I went to dye my hair. Getting up and scalding a new cell phoneAsian Massage Glendale for Grandpa, he had to equip himself with a cell phone shell similar to the one he bought in the store. I can’t find that style. Maybe that’s howAsian Massage Fairfield I hope everyone can have an enlightened and lovely family - ———————————————————————————————————— My dad asked me how many times I asked him when I got home. I told him official website 170. This straight man asked me to buy more expensive security later (Haha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha). Every time I went out to make up and waited for home, my straight man would say which beautiful Xiaoni? Go wrong. My mother doesn’t have any opinions. Sometimes she talks to me about cosmetics she feels good to use and rubs my lipstick. How many of them are brought back from vacation and they no longer belong to me. My grandmother is also a beautiful woman. She quietly calls me over to let me give her my pink and lipstick when there’s a party at home for the New Year’s Festival. Share 349 27 comments with the Editor in 2009-08-26. Thank you for collecting.

On the Little Secrets of Plastic and Beauty Hospitals

I graduated in 2017, majoring in oral medicine. HoAsian Massage Modestow do you say that my degree to study medicine is not qualified for two years plus one year’s internship. Professional knowledge and theoretical opeAsian Massage Mesaration are very immature. After graduation, I went to work in the stomatology department of a cosmetic hospital. Their application requirements are veAsian Massage San Josery low as long as you are qualified? It’s this major that I can get my certificate because I just graduated, but it’s not important as long as you go to the health bureau to report for work, but that’s the beauty hospital where I don’t have the qualifications to see a doctor. There’s only one attending doctor who has the qualifications and one Asian Massage Fairfieldwho is a freshman than me. As a doctor who was not yet certified at the age of 18, I started to work as soon as I went because I was an intern inAsian Massage Pompano Beach a large public hospital before. In fact, there is no difference between doctors in a third-tier hospital who are very conscientious about what they receive red envelopes and what they treat differently unless you are a doctor’s family member who asked you to join a team or something. So don’t treat doctors unless you are a doctor. But when I came to this cosmetic hospital, I found that everything changed. Doctors no longer come here with the purpose of saving lives and injuries. They are no longer patients, but customers. First of all, they will let a “doctor” receive you as a consultant. With the status of “doctor”, they will fool you into doing this and doing that. They don’t know a lot of professional knowledge. They will just let you pay for an example. Once a sister came to consult her with a big tooth and only half of it was broken. After our consultant communicated with her, she spent 2K on root canal therapy and 2K on crown. My sister paid the money to start the treatment. I saw that there was no need to do root canal therapy. Although the tooth was missing a large piece, it would not decay at all. I just started preparing teeth and making dental braces. I went to a consultant and told her that you were overtreating this tooth without root canal therapy. You did not need root canal therapy. Instead, you had bad results on the teeth. She told me. I was so angry that I went to the director to see the money and agreed with me. Finally, our consultant told the sister that there was no need for dental treatment, but we could use the cost of treatment to calculate the cost of dental treatment to improve her denture. Even better, here you have to admire their eloquence. Many people have been tricked into handing over their money. Another time, a little girl came to the hospital and said that the whole tooth had not grown up at first sight. If it had been rectified now, the little girl would have had to have it rectified when she grew up and developed again. But for money, they had to do it. It’s just like there are too many things like this. These counselors change the way you pay. They don’t care if you need to do this or not. It’s harmful to do this or not. Here’s what cold light whitening is for teeth. The best way to do harm is not to make teeth yellowish because it’s very normal to drink coffee and milk tea and eat food with yellowing teeth. It’s also very cheap to whiten teeth with cold light. But to go to a beauty hospital, you have to charge 1,000 to 2,000 to avoid being a wrongdoer. Besides this, these private cosmetic hospital hygiene bars There are no public hospitals that are strict. Sometimes I use up some kind of tools. I asked the nurse to give me the new results. She rushed someone else to use the faucet and rushed down to me. Often strict when I first went to pick up things without gloves, my teacher scolded me as dead, irresponsible to patients and never used the equipment again. You can rest assured that there are many nurses in private plastic and cosmetic hospitals who are not highly educated and nurses are basically 16 years old left out of secondary school. There are several times when the health bureau comes to work to check on the leaders above, and they will send a notice to hide without a certificate until people leave and then come out. There are many hospitals that have to have facilities that are in good shape. It’s really crucial that they don’t need to do anything at all. Then, let’s talk about the price plastic surgery hospital is violence. Employees themselves. Cutting eyelids 500 is not a cosmetic project. Hyaluronic acid color water light needle ultrasound knife can do a course of treatment for only a few hundred yuan, while the usual price is 2k. If you are a staff member of the department, this is basically free. Finally, the relationship between internal staff is basically a female consultation in the hospital. Consultants are female nurses and occasionally several male doctors, but the leaders are all male consultants. For their performance, they hold their thighs. I often hear gossip about which consultant slept and the leader was given a car. These leaders are usually wives, but they still can’t stop someone from delivering them to the door. So many people don’t know. Can you get it? If you want to go to a public hospital or something, you have to wipe your eyes if you want to see your teeth or something else. If you don’t want them to say anything, you’ll pay in the first place. Hope you have more and more beautiful problems. You can confide in the situation in my hospital now. I’ve quit my job and I didn’t kill all the cosmetic hospitals in one stroke. If I make any mistake, you can put it forward kindly.

What is the effect of "Golden Foil Beauty" with strong wind?

In fact, “Golden Foil Beauty” has been widely circAsian Massage Napaulated as early as a thousand years ago. The value of gold foil is recorded in the book “Compendium of Materia Medica” written by Li Shizhen, a medicAsian Massage Modestoal sage of the Ming Dynasty. In addition, the book “When the clouds are cured in the window, the mirror decals are yellow”. Here, “flower yellow” Asian Massage Mesarefers to the gold foil used by ancient girls for facial care. 。 Today, thousands of years later, “Gold Foil Beauty” has once again set off a boom. Cosmetic surgery based on the concept of gold attracts many people who want to stay in youth. Many skin care products of gold foil series have emerged as the times require. So, what is the role of goldAsian Massage Moreno Valley-based skin care products? Nano-gold foil can bring negative ions, produce microcirculation energy, clean up dirt accumulated in skin, promoAsian Massage Glendalete skin metabolism, activate cell vitality and skin elasticity, and make skin healthy and transparent. 1. Apply the products containing gold foil on the skin with gentle massage. The small gold sheet will soon become invisible gold particles. The gold particles will not penetrate into the skin, but form an introduction environment on the surface of the skin. Therefore, although the beauty effect of gold foil is strong, it is far from enough to rely on “gold foil” alone. It is necessary to assist others. Skin care ingredients to cooperate. For example, Shangmei’s new products, gold foil with “green caviar” (a special seaweed), can quickly send nutrients into the skin, perfect moisturizing, instantly enhance the skin’s water retention and activity. It can also enhance the permeation and release of active nutrients in the follow-up maintenance products, and make the skin shine naturally. Help to improve skin moisture, maintain skin moist, transparent, delicate state. 24K gold foil + top green caviar can promote skin blood circulation, accelerate cell renewal, alleviate skin aging, firm skin, and make skin younger. L can promote cell regeneration, promote skin microcirculation, and make skin healthy and moist; l can inhibit the growth of melanocytes, enhance skin brightness and luster; l can neutralize free radicals, balance skin acidity and alkalinity, strengthen skin barrier and prevent aging; l can activate cells in vivo, smooth skin fine lines, and make skin. White and elastic. In addition, in 1983, the World Health Organization Codex Alimentarius Committee officially listed 9999 natural gold in the category of food additives as Table A No. 310. The edible function of gold foil is defined by the 8th category of minerals and trace elements of new food resources released by the Ministry of Health of China. In the modern medical history, Jin has been used to treat immune diseases. It was also found that gold has strong antioxidant activity. “Gold foil cosmetology”, in traditional Chinese medicine can be added to the gold foil decoction, or as a pill coating, the most famous Angong Niuhuang pill is to use gold foil as a coating to enhance the soothing effect of traditional Chinese medicine. “Taiping Shenghuifang”, “Qianjin Yaofang” and “Shengji General Record” all have records of the treatment of edible gold foil. In 1983, the WHO Codex Alimentarius Commission also included 9999 natural gold in the category of food additives, proving that gold foil is edible. In theory, gold foil is very stable, and can be combined with cyanide, lead and other toxicants to form gold salt precipitation, and can absorb X-ray, which is considered to have detoxification and detoxification effect.

The BBC Hands Teach You Beauty and Hair

“DOCO Heat Record” continues to recommend a good dAsian Massage Mesaocumentary. Today, Monday, DOCO Jun thought about it and decided to talk to you about the techniques of beauty. “Beauty” is not only a woman’s patent, Asian Massage Glendalebut also suitable for men who care about or want to “become beautiful”. Recently, actress Zhang Yuqi “settled in” Xiaohongshu (a lifestyle sharing Asian Massage North Hollywoodcommunity), known as “the most incapable of carrying goods of the actress” none. Zhang Yuqi described the experience of ultrasonic knife, describing it as barbecue because most people could not afford to buy it because of Zhang Yuqi’s recommendation, so they had to wait and see for the goddess’love supplies and could not place an order. SAsian Massage Glendaleuch a heart-to-heart sharing, so that netizens can not be addicted to. What kind of recommendation do netizens make in Xiaohongshu’s comments, so tAsian Massage San Josehat most people who care about their skin and hair can really understand the mystery? May as well, give today’s “beauty” of the grass to the BBC to see what surprises it will bring to you? DOCO Jun specifically selected five BBC documentaries about beauty to collide with you on beauty. 1 Cherie Hilly, a journalist and a beauty addict, is the Truth of Beauty. Cherie Hilly’s “The Truth of Beauty” is a documentary based on her daily skin care experience and experience of beauty products, carrying out an unprecedented daily beauty product test. In Britain, people spend more than nine billion pounds a year on cosmetics. Cosmetics companies also promise that their products will improve or enhance the image of consumers. But how many commercial marketing tools do these promises of beauty products mix? How much is really based on scientific evidence? Recognition of the two-dimensional code in the picture, watching the documentary Cherry Hilly’s interview in the cosmetics counter, tells the truth about people’s dependence on such products. Men and women who use moisturizing cream for a long time will get dry and itchy once they stop using it. Cherie Healy selected three groups of people with better skin condition and tested the moisturizing cream. In testing moisturizers, Cherie Healy found a problem: not the more expensive the product, the better the effect, on the contrary, some low-priced or moderate moisturizers can play a role in nourishing the skin. For example: Clinique’s little butter. Which brands have an inverse effect on price? Which cheap skin care products are worth planting grass for a lifetime? Do you usually use the right skin care products? Go to the film and find the answer. 2 The Truth of Botulinum Toxin When the first wrinkle appeared on the face of the host Colston, her heart began to panic. Host Colston because of wrinkles and panic, anxious people, want to improve their skin condition through external force, at this time, the beauty needle will be the first choice of most people. Can these substances injected into the skin (Botulinum toxin) really have the effect of anti-wrinkle beauty? The Truth of Botox is a documentary that reveals the truth after Botox injection by visiting cosmetologists and interviewing people who have done cosmetic fillings. After completing the challenge of “plain face guessing age”, Colston visited dermatologist Nick Lowe, where he might be able to answer most people’s doubts about cosmetic fillers and botulinum toxin. According to dermatologist Dr. Nick Lo, Botox can be injected in the following situations: when facial expression is absent; when facial wrinkles are present; when customers are suffering from wrinkles; and when facial muscles are asymmetrical. For young people in their 20s, Botox injection is not an advocacy. Recognition of the two-dimensional code in the picture, watching the documentary because of the love of beauty of young people, injecting Botox at an inappropriate age, is likely to backfire. 3 The root of people’s desire for beauty lies in their dissatisfaction with skin condition. Rozina Ali is a cosmetic surgeon in the British National Medical System. She explains the changing rules of skin from a professional point of view. Rozina Ali’s management of skin needs to start with understanding the skin. Starting from the three aspects of aging and damage to human skin (sunshine, free radical oxidation and loss of polysaccharides), the documentary “The Mystery of Staying in the Beauty” puts forward several corresponding measures to alleviate skin damage. First of all, to deal with sunburn caused by sunshine, in addition to applying sunscreen to alleviate skin damage caused by sunshine, we also need to pay attention to diet. The misconception of sunscreen is also explained in detail. Daubing sunscreen can reduce the damage to skin caused by sunlight, but it’s not to prevent sunburn, so don’t think your skin won’t be damaged at all because of applying sunscreen. Recognition of the two-dimensional code in the picture, watching the loss of documentary polysaccharides, will make the skin look loose and collapsed, it will also be a manifestation of skin aging. Therefore, people in the hyperglycemic group look older than those with normal blood sugar. At the same time, the health of the skin is directly proportional to the health of the body, which is why the skin that stays up overnight is worse than that of the normal working and sleeping skin. 4 “Horizon: Tips for Hair Care” The health of hair can also affect a person’s overall appearance. Especially in middle age, the maintenance and care of hair is much higher than that of youth. Can overwork cause hairline to move backwards? With a “Mediterranean-like” hair, it’s hard to say the pain inside. The documentary “Horizon: Tips for Hair Care” analyses the methods of hair care from the perspective of medical beauty. Psychologist Graham Hall believes that humans can pass through

How about the cosmetic effect of micro-needle?

“The goal of every woman’s life. Previously, the wAsian Massage Chula Vistaay to change beauty was only through makeup, but with the development of micro-cosmetic industry, technology has become more and more high-end, whAsian Massage Reddingitening, tendering, wrinkling, filling, shaping, simple small Shou surgery, so that they look more perfect, why not? To be frank, we don’t know how imAsian Massage Reddingportant facial value is. We don’t know how clear the rules are. We just feel that it’s troublesome and hard to improve facial value, and we don’t want to make any efforts. We always say that people who are ugly need to read more books. In fact, let oneself become better-looking, and read more books without conflict ah. The methods of realizing the Asian Massage Vegastwo are interlinked, and all they need are self-discipline and execution ability. What’s more, most of the people who have to read more when they talk aAsian Massage Peoriabout ugliness all day long don’t read much. A cruel fact is that those who really read more than you look 10,000 times better than you! Micro-needles make you more perfect, but how about a micro-needle on your face? Will there be any side effects? What if it breaks? What is a microneedle? Microneedles directly penetrate the active components of growth peptide gene and multiple nutrients into skin cells of different depths through very small pinholes. Average nutritional coverage of the skin. During the repair period, it can also activate cells, promote the proliferation of collagen and elastic fibers, fill holes, and desalinate pigments from acne scars. It also allows skin cells to directly absorb the gene active ingredients needed by the skin through micro-channels. The absorption effect is close to 100%. Therefore, different formulations can be given according to individual needs, and new skin can indeed be regenerated from inside to outside. Three principles of micro-needle: 1. Rolling the needle evenly on the face, stimulating the skin, making a large number of micro-pipes, so that the active ingredients effectively penetrate into the skin. At the same time, fine rolling needling can stimulate the proliferation of collagen and fibroblasts in the dermis. Can give different formulations according to individual needs, really from inside to outside make new skin rebirth, improve skin quality thoroughly. Secondly, through high-density skin puncture, a balanced stabbing of cortical tissue cells will result in a large number of needle openings and burdens on the skin, which will activate the regeneration function of human injured cells and stimulate the proliferation of collagen fibroblasts in the dermis. 3. Complementary ACMETEA cell nutrition stimulates new cell regeneration and organically transforms microneedle nutrition into cellular active substances. Wellmune beta and Uitika, the repair factors of ACMETEA cell food, activate and regenerate cells, strengthen the nutrition of cells and tissues during the repair period of the body, and then repair the tissues that stimulate the first protective layer of the face at any time through a variety of basic cell nutrition such as Uitika, which is rich in the repair factor of ACMETEA cell food. Damage can tighten the new cells through the cell food supply, restore the skin firmly on the collagen scaffold, awaken and have a good affinity with surrounding tissues. It can help cells to make collagen and promote the normal growth of skin cells. On the other hand, ACMETEA restores and promotes regeneration to initiate the prevention of rejection reaction of the body to the injection, fuses the injection to a large extent, accelerates the dissolution of the injection ingredients and the healing of the needle eyes, and prevents local stiffness and caking. The new injection effect of microneedle is not legendary, and it is widely used in the field of cosmetic medicine. Microneedle is a cosmetic enhancement of double facial features in external therapy and in nourishment as well as in nourishment. Nutrition injected into the body by microneedle can promptly stimulate human rejection protection after encountering subcutaneous fluid, which can form spiral fluid flow under the pinhole to resist new substances. This is also the reason for skin edema or rash after operation. In Europe and the United States, before microneedling, a large amount of oral ACMETEA was used to repair nutrition and prepare for microtargeted skin and cell injury (1) Preparing activated cells to prevent rejection. 2. Prepare for immediate repair of damaged cells. 3. Prepare for new cell regeneration and prevention of new cell mutation and proliferation. ACMETEA cells are rich in repair factors Wellmune beta and Uitika to repair the tissue damage of epidermis, and produce active hyaluronic acid layer. A single injection is effective for a long time, which not only reduces the number of microneedles, but also activates micronutrients, and improves the temporary effect of microneedles to a lasting effect. The United States enacted the Pure Food and Drug Act in 1906, which prohibits the application of toxic substances (including lead) on the face, so more nutrients need to be taken orally into the blood to promote cell basal optimization. Uitika and Marine sweet in ACMETEA cell food repair factor can reach subcutaneous cells through blood, reach fascial layer, orderly collagen network and effect durability, and prevent scar-like cell formation. The micro-needle effect is delayed for 5 to 6 years from 1 to 2 years, which is durable and safe. The side effect of microneedle is that injection belongs to non-operation, the injection level is shallow dermal layer, and the risk is relatively small. However, through high-density skin puncture, a large number of needle openings and burdens will be caused, and improper nursing will also cause the reaction of erythema, swelling and bruising after injection. There will also be persistent allergic reactions, aggravation of red blood silk, local stiffness, caking and other side effects. Needle side effects 1. Needle can stimulate damage to the epidermis, destroy the skin self-protection barrier, but also cause minor traumatic inflammation, improper care will cause skin infection 2. Microneedle injection will stimulate human rejection to protect skin edema, rash, erythema, swelling and bruising. 3. Microneedle will make normal skin