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Wonderful Asian Massage With Free Table Shower

O Spa Massage & Waxing – About Us

We are a cozy and rejuvenating Asian massage day spa located near Laguna Niguel , CA. Serving for more than eight years we have been delivering effective massage treatments and facials to make people feel good and fulfill their healthy desires. Helping our community for making wise decisions about their health and well being is rewarding. We provide an oasis for relaxation in a stress free environment that is soothing and rejuvenating. We play a major role in the progressive evolution of our healthy community.

Great Asian Massages In Laguna Niguel CA

Our O Spa Massage & Asian spa is where you can discover inner peace and harmony. We are a professional team of experts striving hard to deliver the most pampering services to our clients. Our passion, talent, and experience in offering different massage therapies and therapeutic treatments can improve the well-being and beauty of our community. We deliver some of the wonderful Asian massage with free table shower service in our relaxing spa setting. The dedicated therapists serving the California region has gained us a reputation as the most relaxation spa. We also allow our customers to personalize the massage session at affordable prices. We are eager to make you look good and live healthier in our relaxing atmosphere.

What Do Our Clients Say About Us?

  • Their services were professional and comfortable. I’ll be visiting every month. If you’re looking for a quality massage service, do visit them. - Sarah K
  • This is one of my favorite relaxing places with peaceful ambience. The Swedish massage therapy was incredible. I also had a head to toe and waxing treatment. My skin looks healthier and glowing now! - Camina A
  • The Asian massage therapists were super attentive and I just loved their soothing environment. They also offered free table shower service with 10% discount for first time visitors. - Philips Rob  

O Spa Massage & Waxing Difference

By combining the knowledge of both western and eastern healing modalities, we provide a unique therapeutic experience, thereby making letting our clients feel refreshed and relaxed using various massage modalities and facial treatments. We build strong relationship with our clients by personalizing the spa treatments at affordable prices. We make sure that each one of our clients enjoys an unforgettable Asian massage experience. Our spa is for anyone wanting to look and feel great.

Relaxation And Healing Touch Spa

  • World Class Services & Equipments
  • Peaceful Ambience
  • Clean And Private Room Facilities
  • Dynamic Lighting Options
  • Uncompromising Quality And Durability
  • Refreshingly Cool Environment
  • Affordable Luxury Treatments

Knowledgeable And Caring Massage Therapists

  • Strong Client Focus
  • Great Physical Stamina
  • Good Sense Of Empathy
  • Excellent Customer Service Skills
  • Personal Goals Improvement
  • Inspiring Future Solutions

Ultra Pampering Experience

  • Unparalleled Carefree Enjoyment
  • Relaxing And Pleasurable Experience
  • Ultimate Peace And Harmony
  • Rejuvenation Of Mind & Body

Fulfill Your Relaxation Needs

Our gentle massage touch can soothe away your stress and troubles delivered in a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere. Most of our main customers are based in Laguna, Irvine, Costa Mesa, Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, and San Clemente, CA. Call 949-699-0009 to feel completely and utterly renewed from our well experienced, and caring hands.

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